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Import millions of Free Hosted Galleries from affiliate programs in minutes, upload ad banners and earn money!

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Plugin My Gallery is a WordPress plugin for pictures and video galleries. Since it is based on the WordPress platform, it installs quickly and you can import videos and pictures (FHGs - Free Hosted Galleries) from affiliate programs and have thousands and thousands of pictures and videos which link directly to these free hosted galleries. The big advantages include fast install, fast import of free hosted galleries and basically zero web hosting costs. Read more »

  • Mass import of FHGs into WordPress
  • Based on the WordPress platform
  • Ads System (affiliate banners)
  • Responsive themes (tablet, mobile)
  • Access stats for galleries, sites, referrals
  • Add Affiliate Programs
  • Add any categories
  • Add any pay sites
  • Add own gallery (pictures and videos)
  • Import any number of pictures
  • Import any number of vids
  • How to SETUP Plugin My Gallery

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