About the plugin

Plugin My Gallery is a WordPress plugin for pictures and video galleries. Since it is based on the WordPress platform, it installs quickly and you can import videos and pictures (FHGs - Free Hosted Galleries) from affiliate programs and have thousands and thousands of pictures and videos which link directly to these free hosted galleries. The big advantages include fast install, fast import of free hosted galleries and basically zero web hosting costs. In the Plugin My Gallery script you can add your own ad banners or the banners of the pay sites you promote, or the banners of the pay sites whose free hosted galleries you imported. Plugin My Gallery is easy to use while being tremendously efficient, so it has the potential to become your main money making business tool.

What does Plugin My Gallery include?

  • Mass Import of FHGs
  • Fully customizable themes (colors, fonts, etc.)
  • Responsive themes (tablet, mobile)
  • Adding of affiliate programs
  • Free use of widgets
  • Widely customizable ad banners
  • Stats of clicks on galleries, pay sites, referrals
  • Unlimited adding of own galleries

Import free hosted galleries includes

  • Import from URL
  • Import plain text (Supports CSV)
  • Import a CSV or ZIP file
  • Assign categories to imported galleries
  • Assign an affiliate program to imported FHG
  • Log imported galleries

You can change the following settings in Plugin My Gallery

  • Thumbnail max-width
  • Default gallery type
  • Deactivate affiliate programs for galleries (will not be displayed)
  • Deactivate Sites (will not be displayed)
  • Primary home page affiliate banner
  • Gallery access stats
  • Site access stats
  • Gallery referral stats
  • Click and unique click counters
  • Sort stats by date
  • Custom setting of a responsive WordPress theme
  • Set the site title and tagline
  • Set colors - Header Text Color, Background Color
  • Set the header image
  • Set the background image
  • Set navigation (menu)
  • Set fonts in the WordPress theme
  • Set font sizes in the WordPress theme
  • Set all colors in the WordPress theme
  • Set widgets in the WordPress theme
  • Edit/delete imported galleries
  • Change gallery type (pictures/videos)
  • Change the gallery’s affiliate program
  • Change gallery categories

and many other useful functions

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