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NOVEMBER 17 2014


What to do if you see the following message?

This message usually appears when the license wasn't installed correctly, so now we will show you how to properly activate Plugin My Gallery.
The whole process won't take longer than a minute.

1. Connect to your domain via FTP
2. Go to the directory called 'license', you can find it under wp-content>plugins>plugin-my-gallery>license (if it doesn't exists, then create one)
3. Copy your license - which has been sent to you by email - to the license folder

You can now enjoy the unlimited version of Plugin My Gallery.
If you use Plugin My Gallery on multiple domains (you can do so on unlimited amount of domains), then you need to copy it to the directory domeny wp-content>plugins>plugin-my-gallery>license on each domain.

If interested you can check out the video tutorials here.

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