What is Plugin My Gallery?

Plugin My Gallery is a pictures and video gallery WordPress plugin. It is based on the WordPress platform and so it’s easy to install, import videos and pictures (FHG - Free Hosted Galleries) from affiliate programs and create a site full of pictures and movies.

How does Plugin My Gallery work?

Plugin My Gallery implements the FHG (Free Hosted Gallery) import function. You just need to log into the affiliate program which uses the NATS affiliate system. Then set the gallery export format in tools, copy the list into the script interface and click on IMPORT. Hundreds of your galleries and their pictures begin importing. The script puts the pictures in a list of pictures or videos (depending on what is being imported) and a gallery is created. The picture is linked to FHG. You can also create galleries yourself and add photos and videos in WordPress.

Can I add advertising banners?

YES, you can add banners of the pay sites which you promote by importing an FHG of a pay site and assigning an ad banner to it. You can set it to rotate with one pay site, a group of pay sites or a category.

Can I add Affiliate programs?

Of course, it is very simple. Add an affiliate program and import free hosted galleries from the pay sites in it.

Does Plugin My Gallery include themes?

Plugin My Gallery includes the basic theme which you can modify as you wish, including colors, font sizes, site title, tagline, etc.

I’m interested in the script, how can I buy it?

You are welcome, just click here: BUY NOW or contact us.

How can I pay for Plugin My Gallery?

You can pay by paypal.com

What does Plugin My Gallery include?

It includes the basic functions which you are most likely to need.

What are the required server settings for Plugin My Gallery to function properly?

WordPress Installation, PHP 5.2 or greater, MySQL 4.1.2 or greater, ionCube decoder

Where do I find tutorials on how to use Plugin My Gallery?

You can view the Tutorials at YouTube

On how many domains can I install Plugin My Gallery?

You can install Plugin My Gallery on an unlimited number of domains. You just need a valid license.

If I buy a Plugin My Gallery license, does the price include upgrades?

No, the price only includes the current version.

I have ideas for improving Plugin My Gallery, where can I send my suggestions?

We will be very happy if you send us your suggestions through support form.

I would like to receive a regular newsletter about Plugin My Gallery, where can I register?

Thank you for your interest, just send us your email via this form

Have more questions?

Feel free to contact us or

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